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Nick, hi I was happy that I got to visit with you today! I hope you enjoy the treats and shhh…don’t tell…

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On Friday May 14, Nick Gaspar, 14 years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yesterday (5/18) he underwent a successful surgery to biopsy the tumor. The family could be waiting 2-4 weeks for a full report on Nick’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Nicholas has been a fighter since birth, when he was born premature along with his twin brother, Jordan. We know that he will face this fight with the same fighter mentality and beat this!

To know Nick is to love him. To some he may appear quiet, but he’s quick with his wit and one liners! He is one of the smartest kids I know- a master with a Rubik’s Cube! He is kind, caring and one of the most polite teenagers around!

He is an absolute FORCE on the basketball court and lacrosse field. He is so dedicated and hardworking, you can always find him practicing his shot and trying to improve his game. He is a loyal son, brother, grandson, nephew, friend and teammate. He really is just one of those kids that you want to know! The type of kid you want your kids to be friends with. The type that you just can’t help but LOVE. We all want Nick back to doing the things he loves the most as soon as he can.